Pearls from the depths of the lagoon as black as midnight...


In the South seas where the trades blow and time languishes from dawn to moonrise there exists a  pearl so beautiful the ancients revered them as tears of the gods. Our love of the Tahitian Pearl was to begin  as we left the port of Papeete on a 72' Scorpion yacht under full sail.  Compass heading: Fletcher Christian’s infamous retreat, Pitcairn Island.   We landed on Mangareva, in the heart of the Gambier Islands, for water and fresh fruit. Under the shade of the coconut palms, Tahitians drank cold Hinano beer and played with mysterious dark marbles...pearls from the depths of the lagoons as black as midnight. I traded everything I could find aboard the sailboat for those precious pearls and left with only one thought, that maybe one day we would find more of these treasures…..

Many years later when I started my own pearling station in the pristine waters of Raiatea, I remember this distant atoll where I was first seduced by the mystery of the black pearl…

Today, Anapa Pearls are renowned worldwide for their exceptional quality. From the runways of Paris to the finest jewelers, our pearls are consistently chosen by the most discriminating designers to become couture collections, museum pieces and stunning jewels. In house, our own pearl creations are designed for elegant simplicity, in honor of the exquisite pearls from which they are created. Visit our online collections or call us for personalized assistance. We hope you enjoy our site and the world of Anapa Pearls.


Couture neckpiece by Alexander McQueen.  Victoria and Albert Museum London.  The 400 Gem Pearls furnished by Anapa Perles Tahiti.